(Left to right) Nasri Nassereddine, Maysara Orabi, Trygve Slette, Rami Kichli, Vlad Postelnicu, all from Software AG
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Setting the pace at work with cycling

Over the last few years, Software AG has taken on a heightened role in encouraging sporting endeavours for its employees, global and regionally and at the team and department level. Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG is also an avid cyclist and runner, so the passion starts at the top of the company.

At Software AG, there are as many different affinity groups for sports and social activities as there are career paths. Choices are running, cycling, hiking, scuba diving, wakeboarding to name a few. It is a mixed bag and there is no focus on one.

Cycling is just one avenue that employees of Software AG follow to stay in shape and have fun. Inside UAE, Nasri Nassereddine, Regional Sales Director for Gulf and Levant, Software AG, has created a team of professional cyclists. This activity started five years ago and the team follows a regular schedule of cycling together.

The core team of 6+ members, including Rami Kichli, Senior Vice President Middle East and Turkey, and meet every Thursday and Friday morning for a ride together spanning 40-50kms of rigorous cycling. It is a recurring meeting in their work calendar and is as important for all as much as any official meeting. It is a unifying sport that brings the team together!

This team of professional cyclists’ ride on hi-end long distance bikes, Software AG branded gear with sacrosanct schedules. In fact, soon, they are expected to participate in the upcoming cycling events in the country and the region in 2022.

Starting as amateurs and now professional riders, the team strongly believes in their ethos to #keeppedalling to reach their goals. This is a connection point with co-workers across regions and boundaries bonding with colleagues in Germany, UK, Netherlands and more who share passion for the sport through virtual rides using VR apps, simulating actual rides on world renowned cycling tracks.

Sports is a vital element of Software AG’s presence, and it is more than just a sport. It is about working and communicating in the right ways and blurs the personal-professional divide and fosters a strong bond among teams.

“Life can be compared to cycling, it will only stop if you stop cycling”

Nasri Nassereddine, Regional Sales Director for Gulf and Levant, Software AG.

An active lifestyle and sports is important because the rationale is out of belief and not only through practice. While its applicable for all sports, this is explained through the riding experience here. There are two points for everyone to learn.

Staying active not only impact the body but also impacts overall mental health and well-being. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Science has proven this multitude of times, but the ones engaged in these activities will truly understand and feel its benefits first.

Therefore, one must really choose an activity of their choice and pursue it with full earnestness and trust in it. Problem-solving and facing challenges at work and home become so much easier, alleviating stress, and increasing self-confidence and productivity during the day.

Life can be compared to a cycle, and it will only stop if you stop cycling. Continuity is important and indicates progress. The ride is a journey similar to the journey at work with milestones and obstacles that come one’s way – customer interactions, roadblocks, challenges, starting point and ending point.

True failure is only when one stops. If one #keepspedalling, success is bound to happen. One can achieve more when collaborating with others and therefore cycling teaches and inculcates the spirit of working together with those who lead, those following and adapting to unanticipated changes from the members of the team.

Simply explained, it is about working together towards a collective goal to succeed! How to self-compete, achieving personal targets, overcoming challenges, and working as a team are aspects from team sports that have positive impact.

“A technology company that encourages work life balance gets additional trust and respect”

Rami Kichli, Senior Vice President, Middle East and Turkey, Software AG.

A company is made up of people and as a technology company and there is ongoing customers engagement. Customers prefer working with people who they relate to and those who have a similar approach to life. Sports is a common interest that cuts though race, nationalities, and any boundaries. This may be an advantage to Software AG’s business objectives but the bigger aspect here is the benefit it lends to teams and individual employees to lead a better life.

While it has not been a conscious effort to build this association, a technology company that encourages work life balance gets additional trust and respect. It is easier to relate to as it is perceived embodying humane and down to earth traits among its stakeholders.

After family and work, sports is the third most important element of daily life. It is fundamental in the routine even with a very hectic and travelling work schedule.

Sports brings an experience of high energy which helps in a fast paced and productive work role. Sports has the ability to decouple different aspects of one’s life. Furthermore, at work, ironically and magically, it provides solutions to work life hurdles and challenges with ease.

Sports broadens horizons and provides the ability to handle situations and decision making in a calm and composed manner with the mind opening up and analyzing situations objectively.

It is vital to connect with your co-workers outside of the office.  Engaging in sporting activities as a team brings them closer and their understanding of each other is deeper with a human connection with heightened trust resulting into collective wins.

Sports is contagious in a positive way. Over a period of time, active sports gets embedded into the fabric of the company’s culture. Some of the joint activities have been the EXPO run, cycling on pro tracks, wakeboarding and running. Early morning gym sessions together is very common and with friendly competitions going amongst each other.

Globally, across the last few years, wellbeing, health and sports has been a focus for Software AG. It is also a sponsor of the SV Dharmstadt 98 football team. Members of the Software AG Board are also active life enthusiasts.

A team of avid cyclists at Software AG positively transfer their shared learnings, experiences, wellness from pedalling together, into their workplace.

(Left to right) Nasri Nassereddine, Maysara Orabi, Trygve Slette, Rami Kichli, Vlad Postelnicu, all from Software AG
(Left to right) Nasri Nassereddine, Maysara Orabi, Trygve Slette, Rami Kichli, Vlad Postelnicu, all from Software AG.