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Emrill launches Techsphere Security Patrol application to improve safety across UAE

Emrill has launched Techsphere Security Patrol App to bolster its total FM digital solutions for clients and employees. The state-of-the-art application will increase security measures and enhance the overall living experience for residents in prominent communities across the UAE.

With the launch of Techsphere Security Patrol App, the safety, maintenance and emergency response times of teams patrolling communities will significantly improve. The application will increase operational efficiencies and optimise the time taken for employees to complete designated tasks on prescheduled routes.

As a centralised platform for managing the rosters, routes, schedules and assignments of security guards, the application uses Bluetooth technology and enables access to real-time data and geo-coordinates, which are directly linked to base units within properties and across vehicles, segways and foot patrols. Security coordinators can create different schedules for specific routes by defining the start and end date, frequency, shift and mode of patrol. Once activated, the system automatically generates the daily patrol schedule and provides suggestions for additional movements to maximise security patrol efficiency based on data analysis.

Techsphere Security Patrol App will also improve safety within communities by using geo-location technology and enhanced communication functions, with the ability to identify and address priority incidents, including fire, theft, accidents and hazards. The application replaces traditional methods of patrol confirmation, as guards upload timestamped photographs of patrolling checkpoints as proof of patrol. The speed of patrols is calculated based on distance and duration, producing automated reports, streamlining operations and allowing for more time dedicated to providing vigilant security services. To further improve communication channels between security teams, group message functionality allows supervisors to send messages to all guards, those specifically on duty, or an individual guard.

The application provides numerous property maintenance benefits in addition to improved security, with the ability for guards on patrol to raise maintenance requests, using geo-location and predetermined codes to identify any maintenance concerns. Recurring issues are automatically flagged by the system, reducing delays in issue resolution. The ability to upload photographs within the application helps integrate security, maintenance and housekeeping departments and increase accountability, providing synergy and added value for clients.

In the rare event of a client, resident or guard emergency, the SOS function enables teams to signal a situational alert. This application function notifies all nearby guards, plus an additional group of predefined users specific to each site, providing the exact incident location to ensure a timely response by necessary teams.

Organisational efficiency is a key benefit of the application, as Emrill can identify any areas for improvement, including recurring delayed and elapsed patrols and lack of case closure and implement appropriate measures to enhance operations across sites. Automated weekly reports include consolidated details of performance and a brief summary, which are generated and sent twice daily to management.

“We’ve invested extensive time, effort and resources to develop an application that precisely aligns with the needs of our staff, management, and clients. We are extremely proud to finally implement our Techsphere Security Patrol App across our clients’ locations to further streamline operations as part of Techsphere. The technology enables our management teams to maximise efficiencies across sites and conserve energy, as it is a sustainable, innovative solution,” said Gopalakrishnan, chief operating officer at Emrill.

He added: “The app engages our security teams, as it supports solo working and patrols, and gives clients peace of mind that their community is being patrolled correctly and efficiently.”

David Nice, Emrill’s associate director, added: “Our strategy is to combine business entities and departments on one digital platform. Working closely with our ICT team every step pf the way, we have invested significant resources into building Techsphere and its add-on modules and systems as proprietary applications and have moved away from older technology-based CAFM systems. We believe our Techsphere Security Patrol App is the most advanced system of its kind, and it has seamlessly integrated with other technology already in place to provide synergy never seen before in our industry.

“Efficiency, agility and responsiveness are crucial within FM, and this technology provides Emrill with a competitive edge. No longer will employees work in silos throughout the communities we serve, as accountability is constantly visible. The test phases have produced results beyond our expectations, with the system enabling us to provide a notably enhanced service for our clients.”

The Techsphere Security Patrol App is Emrill’s latest addition to the organisation’s existing tech companion application for technicians and its efficiency app for housekeepers. The application will be rolled out across Emrill’s projects throughout the year.