Ingram Micro offers solutions for rapid detection of viral pneumonia patients

Ingram Micro is promoting the SenseCare-Lung solution for viral pneumonia and cancer screening. The solution is based on AI computer vision analytics that helps for fast screening of suspected patients by detecting viral pneumonia patients, including COVID-19, SARS, MERS, with high sensitivity and ensuring real-time control of disease spreading.

It also provides precise Quantification Evaluation. such as size, volume, portion of abnormalities, and HU curve to help doctors make precise decision about the severity of diseases. in addition to follow-up evaluation by providing comprehensive follow-up evaluation for comparing multiple CT exams to help doctors make diagnosis and treatment planning decision.

Chatbot for doctor triage

Due to the current situation of high load on respiratory specialised doctors, several countries and hospitals started to apply a protocol for doctors triage. Ingram Micro has prepared a chatbot to help doctors to proceed quickly by having this chatbot as a tool updated with the WHO protocols, This solution extract patient information such as symptoms and relevant data with NLP, Send information to external API for diagnosis and triage, NLP Processes response from external API and may ask the patient for more information, then it gives the required action to do with the patient.

Medical supplies marketplace

This is a solution for governments or authorities to control the logistics of medical supplies and prevent the black market during critical situations. The solution is based on machine learning algorithm working as a backend of a marketplace to identify the demand and supply in addition to the restrictions either imposed or out of control to deliver the supplies to the right people with the fair price in the fastest time.

Virtual clinic

Due to the Social distancing obligation and the high exposure of the doctors to the patients, Virtual Clinic solution is not an option anymore. Patients and even the public are in need to visit their doctors and get the required advice and follow-ups on their health conditions. For that reason, the Virtual Clinic solution is the right approach to protect doctors and patients, and give a window for the communication where patients can share documents and doctors can write a prescription. This solution also provides online payment method and also can be integrated with governments programmes to subsidise citizens.

Fever recognition with face mask

Ingram Micro’s Sensetime solution enables:

  • Rapid body temperature screening without affecting passenger flow speed
  • Contactless measurement to reduce cross infection and avoid interference for uncooperative participants
  • Abnormal temperature alarm, preview the monitoring and thermal imaging at same time
  • High temperature measurement accuracy
  • Ease of deployment. Meeting urgent anti epidemic needs
  • Face recognition with mask, accuracy 90%+
  • Real time alert for individuals without masks
  • Back tracking suspects or those who are infected
  • Docked with existing systems to achieve cross information linkage and coordinated prevention

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