COVID-19 triggers 33% jump in downloads, record transactions for Zbooni

Zbooni, the home-grown SME business platform, is reporting a spike in interest for its mobile payment technology, as retailers look for ways to conduct business beyond the traditional storefront. The company, which offers a suite of business tools for retailers, such as mobile payment links that can be shared via WhatsApp, has seen a 33% increase in downloads and is witnessing record transactions since the global coronavirus pandemic began.

However, Zbooni, which is a free-to-download app, has decided that rather than cash-in on the opportunity presented by the surge in interest, they will instead offer all existing and new customers free payment processing on sales up to AED 5,000. From 26 March, existing and new customers in the UAE will not pay a fil in conducting business payments or invoicing via Zbooni, on sales up to AED 5000. Amounts above this will be charged at Zbooni’s standard 3.5% flat rate processing fee per transaction.

Zbooni will offer all existing and new customers free payment processing on sales up to AED 5000.

Sadik Hamami, CFO of Zbooni, said: “We are proud to be supporting the SME landscape during what is obviously an incredibly difficult time for many businesses. We decided that rather than take advantage of the situation, this was a moment where we should really give back to the community.”

Commenting on how the overall business landscape has changed, Hamami said: “Retailers need to find new ways of operating. Customers still have the same demand for many items, but by practicing social distancing and minimising physical methods of purchase, that demand is often unable to be fulfilled by traditional models. Instead, we are witnessing a new era of digital solutions, which is rapidly evolving to cater to the upheaval of societies and economies caused by the pandemic. This is a time where businesses need to adapt quickly, and that is hopefully where Zbooni is able to provide some relief.”

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