According to the report called Beyond Borders, in United Nations Agenda 2030, aviation sector is a major employer which is enabling a unique connectivity and trading big trade values in small volumes. For the countries that are least developed tourism plays a vital role, especially in the development sector.

Tourism creates expansion of job opportunities, creating a new revenues for the country, expanding the international relationships between countries and so on. According to the reports, the Aviation industry is aligned with the United Nations Agenda of 2030 for sustainable development. Global air transport industry plays at least some role in supporting in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Economic and social development is driven by aviation, through generating connectivity between nations. The air transport industry helps in Sustainable Development by ending poverty which leads to zero hunger and good health as well as good wellbeing of people in the areas which are affected by uncertain circumstances.

This industry also helps its customers in achieving good quality education by the means of traveling to other countries or other country regions of the globe. The industry is also gender balanced, gives clean water and sanitation. Air transport industry is also focused on reducing it consumption of fuel to deduct the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by 80 per cent and also providing employment and influencing the growth of economy.