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Global CIO Forum, ARCON organise virtual summit on managing information risk

Global CIO Forum in association with ARCON organised a virtual summit on Managing Information Risk while Working Remotely on 30th September 2021. The event focused on some risk factors that may lead to business continuity risks, authorisation and authentication threats and unsanctioned remote access to IT infrastructure and much more.

A recent survey revealed, 74% CFOs believe some employees may decide to continue working remotely even when the pandemic comes to an end.

The virtual summit on managing information risk while working remotely was moderated by Arun Shankar, Editor, GEC Media Group with keynote speaker Anil Bhandari, Chief Mentor and Thought Leader, ARCON.

Here are some highlights of the ARCON event:

  • How to build a well-defined strategy against business continuity risks.
  • Detecting poor authorisation and authentication Threats in your organisation.
  • Challenges due to unsanctioned remote access to IT Infrastructure.

Remote Workforce – New Normal


While addressing the event, Chief Mentor and Thought Leader of ARCON, Anil Bhandari talked about the Covid-19 pandemic period and how every company has invested in 1000’s of laptops, VDIs, access licenses and many more and said, “all of us appreciate the fact that Covid-19 has kind of transformed the world in terms of digitalisation of business, trillion of dollars of investment is coming into digital business and especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Local companies are doing well here.”

Bhandari also highlighted on where we work today, conventional method, security of access information and machine learning user behaviour, end-point security where are we and where should we be.

The event moved further to fireside chat session and interesting questions including – do organisations struggle with password rotation at scale, is just in time a pain for IT support teams – that is high friction, more detail about ARCON’s SaaS offering, is zero-trust a new normal and what according to you will be a checklist for securing remote access.

The event was concluded with closing note by Arun Shankar and Anil Bhandari.