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BOTS, the new world of unlimited possibilities

With an aim to strengthen engagement and collaboration through next-generation networking platform, Global CIO Forum launched a new digital platform of the BOTS. The platform intends to be house for 15000+ CIOs by 2023, who shall be rewriting the policies and IT best practices through mutual influences and inspirations.

This initiative by the Global CIO Forum is going to create a new world of unlimited possibilities and a next-generation networking and collaboration platform that is built for the Global CIO Community.

Speaking on the new initiative, Ronak Samantaray, Co-founder and CEO, GEC Media Group, said, “We are thankful for the continued support of our CIO community for the past ten years and we look forward to further strengthening the collaboration through this platform. We are extremely happy to be presenting BOTS that is a truly cutting edge platform and one-stop-shop solution for CIO career development and knowledge sharing. Disruption is just a BOTS away.”

Anushree Dixit, Global Head – Content and strategic Alliances said, “In today’s age, where we are exposed to multiple avenues and platforms for news, career coaching, leadership development and networking, there is a dire need for having a ‘SINGULAR’ voice or dedicated platform that addresses the needs and requirements of a modern CIO – Be it mentoring, attending events, researching on new tech or developing the next-gen CIO. Enter BOTS – A CIO’s world of infinite possibilities and wide range of resources, co-creation, knowledge sharing, and peer to peer networking possibilities. Join the platform today and unleash the power of targeted and content-driven networking.”

Unparalleled benefits of BOTS for members:

  • Network and collaborate with like-minded CIOs across the globe
  • Join country chapters and other groups to create best practices
  • Have value passes for GCF summits and awards round the year
  • Member benefits to IT solutions and services with GCF preferred partners
  • Loyalty programs and benefits
  • Access to over 50+ tech whitepapers and resources as Value add
  • Create events and town halls with regional and global CIOs
  • Stay up to date with latest news and happenings in the tech world related to CIO community, including job openings across the globe, project availability etc.

Innovate, Co-create, Collaborate

BOTS is a unique platform that not only helps the IT leaders to connect on a singular platform, but also encourages dialogues between thought leaders, write and share bylines, thought leaderships, host townhalls for peers, learn from cross-country best practices, benefit from user-specific and industry-specific assets and much more.

Seamless Collaboration and Networking

Today, CIOs are leading the organisation from the front with technology becoming the spine and business enabler in modern enterprises. It is extremely important that CIOs should also walk hand-in-hand with their peers and partners and disseminate knowledge on a global platform to ensure that leadership is seamless and borderless.

With a vision to promote ‘One Voice’ is further re-established this year through the launch of BOTS 5.0 during the World CIO 200 Summit 2022 grand finale in Thailand on 23rd November.