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Advantages of cloud are beginning to outweigh migration efforts

This means not only a shift towards IaaS, PaaS, but also the wider adoption of SaaS ERP offerings, such as those from Oracle, SAP and others, observes George Brough, COO and Co-Founder, Evolvant.

2020 saw a sudden halt to many nice-to-have IT projects. While the immediate focus turned to networking and infrastructure projects that enabled remote working and communication, we are now seeing organisations begin to look at solutions that can increase productivity and drive efficiency, such as automation.

2021 is going to be all about operational resiliency, businesses are evaluating how IT can be used to ensure continuation of business-critical functions by leveraging secure, cloud-hosted, accessible-anywhere, information management systems. Furthermore, they are also looking at how automation can be leveraged to facilitate a low-cost return to pre-Covid productivity levels. 

Industry 4.0 and accelerating digital transformation look like hot topics for 2021 and beyond. Companies such as UiPath are now setting objectives for helping to create the world’s first fully automated enterprise using Robotic Process Automation alongside digitisation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

In particular, we should look out for a push towards the cloud as the advantages begin to far outweigh the migration effort and service providers continue working towards dispelling security concerns. This means not only a shift towards IaaS, PaaS, but also the wider adoption of SaaS ERP offerings, such as those from Oracle, SAP and others.

The pandemic hit the hospitality and entertainment sectors the hardest, and the government sector faced an incredibly challenging situation. Spending is likely to be limited in these sectors over the next year.

The industries more likely to spend, are perhaps those who have either had a key role to play or have been fortunate enough to have a seat on the side-lines. Healthcare, supply chain, logistics, online retail and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors all need to ensure that they can best utilise technology to accurately anticipate and cope with the rising demand in the most efficient way possible throughout 2021.

Evolvant’s mission remains the same – to use technology to help drive customers towards a better future, faster. It is something we all need as we close out this incredibly challenging year.

Looking ahead we will continue to act as trusted advisors and apply our specialist knowledge and experience in intelligent automation wherever it can create the most value for our clients. We will be expanding our footprint across at least two more countries during the first half of 2021 as well bringing some innovative, unique, combined product, service offerings to the market.

We have an overwhelmingly positive outlook for 2021, and accelerated growth is certainly an aspect that our 2020 plans did not consider. In terms of our other differentiators, we are innovating rapidly in the automation space, but this is something the market will just need to wait and see.

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