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Securing digital transformation is the primary pain point

In a survey, 79% wanted to learn about digital transformation and cloud security, threat and vulnerability research 62%, and risk and compliance 49%.

In 2021, as many enterprises will still work remotely or in hybrid models, they will further adopt cloud and videoconferencing solutions – driving demand for cybersecurity solutions for these platforms. Many industries and companies have seen an increased demand in cybersecurity solutions for working from home. In the GCC, Trend Micro detected a combined 56,873,271 email, URL, malware, and banking malware attacks during the first half of 2020, according to the Midyear Security Report.

Worldwide, Covid-19 related threats have been the single largest type of threat. In the H1 2020, Trend Micro blocked 8.8 million Covid-19 related threats, nearly 92% of which were spam delivered via emails. In the GCC, Trend Micro blocked 163,774 Covid-19 threats in attacks via URL, email spam, and malware.

Trend Micro is seeing strong demand for its cybersecurity solutions in the hybrid cloud, user protection for endpoints, threat detection and response across email, endpoints, sectors, cloud workloads, and networks, and network protection from known, unknown, and undisclosed threats.

Threats against OT networks – the operational and industrial infrastructure – will be a major challenge. These kinds of threats can be mitigated with solutions such as Trend Micro’s TXOne Networks, which is helping to secure customers’ OT or IoT with their IT infrastructure seamlessly. Trend Micro’s focus industries will continue to include government and public sector; energy, oil, and gas; banking, financial services, and insurance BFSI; healthcare; education; and telecommunications.

Many industries that are very important to the Middle East’s diversified economy – such as travel, tourism, entertainment, hospitality, and retail – will continue to come back on track, which means more demand in the market, more growth, and more need to secure IT infrastructure. Secure digital transformation is a major trend. In a recent Trend Micro survey of 2,064 business and IT decision-makers, 79% wanted to learn more about digital transformation and cloud security, followed by threat and vulnerability research 62%, and risk and compliance 49%.

Trend Micro’s customer satisfaction and success have actually increased over the past year, as Trend Micro has helped organizations to deliver a sustainable recovery. Trend Micro has also seen strong success in the expansion and enhancements to its AMEA channel programme. Home networks, remote working software, and cloud systems will be at the center of a new wave of attacks in 2021, according to Trend Micro’s 2021 predictions report Turning the Tide. 

Even in the post-pandemic world, remote working is likely to continue. Trend Micro will help to secure home networks, remote working software, and cloud systems, which will be at the center of a new wave of attacks. The most at-risk employees will be the end-users who regularly access sensitive data, such as human resources, sales, or corporate financial data.

Trend Micro’s Turing the Tide report says organizations should follow a 4-step process to mitigate threats: 

  • Foster user education and training to extend corporate security best practices to the home, including advice against the use of personal devices.
  • Maintain strict access controls for corporate networks and the home office, including zero trust.
  • Double down on best practice security and patch management programs.
  • Augment threat detection with security expertise to protect cloud workloads, emails, endpoints, networks, and servers round-the-clock.

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