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"Powering the Healthcare Industry"

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Powering The Healthcare Industry

with Intelligent Automation


HEALTH being an important word at this hour of time, it becomes mandatory on our part to create safe environment for ourselves and people around us. With the experience of the health stakeholders whether hospitals, Pharmacists, insurance companies, diagnostics, healthcare providers, government or technology providers in preparing response and mitigating the different health disasters like AIDS, Tuberculosis, COVID 19, Dengue, Malaria and more, we can conclude that RISK PROTECTION is very crucial. So, whether it is digitization of health records, health insurance, patients testing, immunization or medicines we must be prepared for everything for ensuring safety and secure treatments.

INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION makes it easier! Automation is set to drive as much as 50% of various processes in just the next few years. Automation is no longer a piece of fiction, today it is widely applied across organizations to augment human thinking and potential, reduce costs, increase scalability, improve accuracy, generate greater value from resources and deliver seamless operations. Automation is being applied to computerize repeatable tasks, identify new opportunities for automation by extracting and understanding concepts and relationships from data patterns and prior experience, and deliver hyper personalization in services, solutions and customer engagements. With cognitive automation, health care organizations can address the challenges of efficiency, patient-centricity and growth.

Why this WebSummit

  • Discover how to harness the power of RPA to efficiently process healthcare data.
  • Virtually emit human error and stay audit-ready.
  • Improve clinical and financial outcomes by tapping into different data sources.
  • Add machine learning capabilities through advanced cognitive automation.

Keynote Speakers


Sumeet Pathak

Digital Workforce Evangelist

Arun Shankar

Editor, GEC Media



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Powering Finance in Health Care with Intelligent Automation

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