The unprecedented Covid-19 situation and its impact on TV advertising

Update brought to you by AMSI – A Choueiri Group Brand

At a time when regional audiences are staying home more than ever before to support lockdown and  self-isolation drives, MBC Group (The region’s leading broadcasters) have reported a significant surge in their overall performance, as well as their individual channels.  Insightful data findings from MBC Group indicate that behavioral changes have resulted in greater  consumption of premium television content and entertainment. These are being shared to enable  advertisers to reinforce and adapt their TV media investments and plans, while encouraging them  to uplift their TV advertising initiatives in order to remain top-of-mind and to boost performance as  well.
Arabian Media Services International (AMSI) is a part of Choueiri Group and operates as the Exclusive Media Representative for MBC Group.
Arabian Media Services International (AMSI) As a part of Choueiri Group (The leading Media Representatives in the Middle East), Arabian Media Services International (AMSI) is the official representative of all MBC Group media, which offer leading
programs to various social and demographic segments of the Middle East region. The MBC Group has
indisputably established itself as the premier provider of TV entertainment content to the Arab World.
*Source: AETOSWire

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