About the Country

Loco Services being the Country Partner will be organizing Pakistan’s chapter of “The World CIO 200 Summit”; 2020 edition is the second edition of Pakistan. The Global share of Pakistan´s IT industry is estimated at US$2.8 billion, including global sales revenue of US$1.6 billion. According to ITCN Asia, Pakistan is rapidly becoming the destination of choice for a significant number of international IT/ITeS companies looking to relocate their operations offshore. The ready availability of skilled professionals, an appropriate IT infrastructure, and affordable rates for connectivity result in considerable time and cost-savings for entrepreneurs.

With a strong telecom sector that supports the IT industry´s development, the country is on a significant path of development and rapid economization.

Loco Services took the initiative for the encouragement and recognition of Pakistan’s Chief Information Officers at International level. Brining the part of The World CIO 200 Summit is such a great opportunity to actually promote the tech side of Pakistan and provide CIOs the medium to showcase their achievements.

About the Event

All CIOs’ submissions will be considered for the Global event, The World CIO200 Summit. Pakistan’s chapter will be celebration and recognition of CIOs – All CIOs will be invited to the virtual event. Sponsors and partners may get their documentaries run during the event. Five (5) selected CIOs will be invited to The World CIO200 Summit in UAE in December 2020 (Traveling, accommodation and airport transfers covered). Pakistan CIOs will also be part of BOTS (Portal similar to LinkedIn for all CIOs of different countries).

Loco Services believes to recognize the efforts of CIOs of Pakistan and take them to the global surface. We hope to compete again and win a few awards at International level, just like last year.

2 Pakistani CIOs won the global awards for “Inspiring Business Transformation” at The World CIO 200 Summit in UAE 2019 

Out of the 200 CIOs, 20 were able to win the DX inspire awards which included two from Pakistan; Faizan Mustafa, CIO of Toyota Indus Motors and Dr. Sahibzada Ali Mahmud, CISO of KPEZDMC. This is indeed a moment of pride for Pakistan that capable CIOs are not only available in the private sector but also the public sector to lead the digital transformation journey for their organizations.

Muhammad Umer Khokhar (Loco Services) commented, “Pakistan being the part of The World CIO 200 Summit, is such a great achievement and one step ahead towards the promotion and recognition of Tech experts in Pakistan. This unique platform grows IT leaders, speaks with one voice on issues facing CIOs, and builds a vendor-neutral community for safe exchange of ideas and best practices. We look forward for even more participation in coming years.”





02.00 pm

WC200S Welcome Note

Global CIO Forum

02.05 pm

World CIO 200 Country Opening Keynote

Country Ambasaddor

02.15 pm

World CIO 200 Country IT Outlook

Country Headline Sponsor session

02.30 pm

IT Transformation Country Case Study

Cross Country Customer + Solution Provider Panel Discussion

03.00 pm

2021 Outlook

Vendor Business Case

03.15 pm

20121 Outlook

Vendor/Partner Business Case

03.30 pm

CIO 200 Country Awards

Awards ceremony

04.00 pm

Closing Note

Global CIO Forum

04.05 pm to 06.00 pm


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