Firas Saifan, Managing Director, Technology Strategies middle east.
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Leveraging different vendor platforms to deliver customised solutions

TSME works with leading automation solution providers such as Software AG, Automation Anywhere, MongoDB, COGNIGY, Outsystems and APQC. Furthermore, it also has its own proprietary product such as CUBES that aid automation of organisational governance. This has enabled TSME to offer automation solutions to its customers.

TSME customers have an advantage of receiving a customised suite tailored to their requirements by opting for different services from different vendor partners. For instance, ARIS and Alfabet from Software AG lays the foundation and creates a robust framework for a sound automation implementation, while RPA from Automation Anywhere is a key automation tool.

TSME customers have an advantage of receiving a customised suite tailored to their requirements.

Recent collaborations with Outsystems for their low-code platform and with MongoDB are now a part of the suite. Besides that, TSME’s proprietary tool CUBES automates operational governance.

At the beginning of this year, TSME has efficiently implemented RPA and BPM automation for Abu Dhabi Customs. This automation and re-engineering overhaul of its various processes will accelerate global trade in the region via Abu Dhabi ports.

TSME has its own proprietary product called CUBES that aids automation of governance

BOTS is one of the biggest examples in present times for automation of processes. Instead of a big fleet of employees for a customer call centre, BOTS are rapidly gaining preference by businesses due to results that leading to enhanced customer service and cost benefits.

The four drivers for the ever-increasing demand for business process automation are also the benefits of the process itself.

Productivity improvement

Standardisation is key to success of businesses as it leads to building reputation in the long run. Automation is a big driver to eliminate redundant processes, increase standardisation in the bargain and limit any or all errors. This impetus to productivity is a big incentive to automate processes as it also translates into efficient and effective use of all resources that eventually increases profitability.

Cost advantage

Keeping costs low is vital in a highly competitive scenario where customers change loyalties only to opt for partners with lesser costs. It is therefore important to automate process that aid in cost reductions while also enhancing speed of delivery.

Customer relations

Collective impact of the above two drivers leads to the most important one – better customer relations that results in longevity of the partnership which plays a key role to success for any business.

These triple-crown factors of business, that is increased revenues, decreased costs and improved customer relationships propels automation.

ARIS and Alfabet from Software AG lays the foundation for automation implementation.

Most of the challenges to automation are intangible in nature. Some of them are listed below:


This is the single biggest challenge that hampers automation. Lack of alignment between the management and employees, fear of losing jobs to automation, lack of staff training to handle the changed processes are some of the mindset challenges that affect automation.

Objectives and measurement

Lack of a strategic road map along with anticipated gains results in failure of the plan. Commencing the change without definitive and measurable milestones will lead to confusion and doubt in the investment to automation and therefore may be stopped midway.

Rigidity and agility

Being agile and nimble versus taking up a big transformative commitment is key. While a foresight with a long-term automation readiness is imperative, phasing it out into smaller milestones with a levy to course change or correct is important. Lack of agility can result not only in financial losses but also loss of confidence for the team.

TSME works with automation solution providers such as Software AG, Automation Anywhere, MongoDB, COGNIGY, Outsystems, APQC and provides customised solutions.