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Global CIO Forum, NetApp, Cisco host event on Flexpod and datacentre transformation

On February 24, Global CIO Forum, NetApp and Cisco held a virtual summit on Ignite The Power Of Your Future Datacentre.

As industries and markets evolve in a fast pace, data has become an increasingly important IT business driver. Data is taking a stronger position in the daily business of organisations, the capabilities of capturing, interpreting, and managing this data becomes key for businesses to thrive.

The virtual summit gave deeper insights on how Cisco and NetApp enable their customers to harness the power of their data using specific use cases.

Jeroen Kulderij, Alliance Business Development Manager EMEA, Netapp gave an overview of the Flexpod design architecture. From surveys, Kulderij pointed out 63% of IT leaders have a hybrid cloud infrastructure, while containers are growing at 56%. Flexpod is a pretested, hyper-converged infrastructure, that represents ten years of partnership between Cisco and NetApp.

Michael Hommer, Solution Architect Datacentre Solutions, NetApp presented the various application workloads and use cases for which Flexpod configurations have been prebuilt. The key here is not to oversize and not to undersize the Flexpod configurations to meet the demands of application workloads and specific vertical market use cases.

Christophe Deschamps, Cloud Infrastructure and Software Group Datacentre Solution Architect, Cisco discussed Cisco’s contribution to datacentre architecture including Cisco Intersight and Systems Management as a Service.

The event concluded with an active question and answer session around multiple queries raised by the attendees, and was answered by Kulderij and Deschamps.

Jeroen Kulderij

Michael Hommer

Christophe Deschamps


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