Genetec offers orgs free access to its digital evidence management system

Genetec has announced that it is making its digital evidence management system, Genetec Clearance, available free of charge to any organisation looking to efficiently share digital evidence, from wherever they are. Genetec Clearance allows organisations to manage and distribute media and files from surveillance systems, body cameras, cellphone footage from bystanders and witnesses, and other sources, while avoiding the need to create or distribute physical copies.

Public safety agencies, and other organisations are having to quickly adopt new strategies to address the changes to daily operations to allow them to continue to collaborate with different stakeholders in order to fight crime and solve cases faster. They need to implement precautions to ensure the wellbeing of officers, first responders, their staff and the public. To assist organisations to continue to work together effectively when remote, Genetec is making Clearance available at no cost until December 31st, 2020.

Video is a valuable tool to solve crimes, but receiving video often requires officers or other staff to go on-site and collect recordings on USB or disks. With Genetec Clearance, access to case and incident information can be shared with authorised stakeholders at the click of a button, while preserving all user activity to maintain the chain of evidence. There are no file size restrictions in the application, and videos are automatically converted to a browser-friendly format, avoiding the need for recipients to download and install standalone video players.

Organisations who sign up for a new Genetec Clearance trial account will be provided a free, personalised remote on-boarding session to assist with the configuration of the account and walkthrough of the application.

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