How printers are evolving in response to the new normal

With many UAE employees concerned about multiple users touching printers with their hands, UAE organisations are eager to adopt contactless technology, says Jason McMillan, Sales Director, Epson Middle East.

EC: What does the new normal look like in UAE offices?

As the UAE moves toward a new normal of hybrid workplaces at the office and remote working, employees need a wide range of technology solutions to maintain business continuity and productivity. Printing remains one of the biggest organisational needs in the UAE for reviewing documents, signing contracts, filling out applications and forms, meeting compliance, and brainstorming and collaborating beyond computer screens. 

How can contactless technology help make safer workplaces?

With many UAE employees concerned about multiple users touching printers with their hands, many UAE organisations are eager to adopt contactless technology where employees can swipe cards instead of touching the printers with their hands. For example, the Epson Print Admin service allows employees to release print jobs by swiping cards in card readers without touching any buttons on the machine.

Can cloud technologies impact other parts of the office?

Many UAE organisations are also set to adopt cloud-based printing, management, and repair technology to maintain business uptime, enhance efficiency, and optimise productivity. Epson Connect can provide employees with mobile and cloud printing services to print and scan wirelessly using smartphones and tablets. 

Are high-capacity printers still needed in offices?

As UAE organisations return to full capacity, employees will continue to need high-quality, high-speed, and reliable printing integrated with contactless and remote printing technology. 

Supporting UAE organisations in their printing needs, Epson is set to launch in July five new, state-of-the-art business inkjet printers. Under the WorkForce Enterprise line: WF-C20600, 60 ppm, WF-C20750, 75 ppm, WF-C21000, 100 ppm, along with the high-capacity WorkForce Replaceable Ink Pack System, RIPS, printers WF-C878R, 24 ppm, and the WF-C879R, 24 ppm.

5. Amid the current new normal, sustainability is a major topic of discussion in the business world. How does this play out in the printer space?

While the new normal presents many business challenges, it also presents the opportunity for organisations and industries to reset into more sustainable ways of working. By using Epson Heat-Free business inkjet technology, in place of traditional laser printers, businesses can gain from numerous benefits including reducing energy usage by up to 95% and boosting productivity with faster first page out speeds.

Sustainability is one of Epson’s core values, both in our own business activity as well as supporting other businesses to reduce their environmental impact, through the use of our products. We are firmly committed to supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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