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Global CIO Forum honours 20 path-breaking organisations with DX Inspire Awards

2020 has been an extraordinary year for almost every organisation, as it grappled with the fallout from the pandemic. As many experts have pointed out, it accelerated digital transformation to an unprecedented pace, and what would normally take years was achieved in mere months. Leading this charge were forward-thinking and highly motivated CIOs who saw their organisation through this difficult phase.

However, digital transformation does not mean only the technological transformation that an organisation embarks upon. When an organisation, including all its departments, walks towards a single goal by unifying all its people and processes, that is when it truly realises the potential of a digital organisations.

During the grand finale of the World CIO 200 Roadshow, organised by Global CIO Forum on December 14, the #DXInspire 2020 Awards recognised 20 path-breaking organisations that have redefined digital transformation to its core. The winners were:

A digitalized logistics, trade facilitation ecosystems (involving government agencies) for cross-border trade, via a seamless integrated ecosystem where logistics service providers and customers converge to transact, communicate and exchange data securely.
The US eCommerce Import Programme is an all-in-one solution for high volume parcel imports to the U.S., with services spanning across the whole importation cycle.
Developed in-house, Phoenix is not just another School Management System (SMS), it is an Integrated All-in-One Solution catering to not only school operational requirements but also peripheral needs such as HR, Finance, Transport, Catering, Uniforms etc.
The ME programme has over time enabled simplification & rationalisation of our legacy landscape. Onboarding system has fundamentally changed the manner in which clients are onboarded, ~99% Individual and ~92% Juristic clients are now onboarded digitally.
A project aimed at scaling up SME businesses. From contact to contactless (online). Implementation coincided with Covid.
We are moving from a manual and semi-automated, to a fully automated Electronic Health Records for all patients across AKU network in 6 regions.
Digital transform – Core business and Business operation.
Digitisation of the end-to-end crew journey. CrewPal enhanced productivity on top of facilitating a touchless operation. Our crew accesses the CrewPal app from the comfort of their personal A transformative solution, using emerging technology at the core.
DMCC was selected as the best free zone globally for 6 years in a row, to maintain that unique global spot, DMCC has launched a smart city multi-million $ project as part of Dubai Smart City. This will increase the happiness of all Dubai residents.
Combine 24 projects at one project.
TGV BOX TecnoFerrari automatic vehicles (TGV) are battery-powered shuttles that move automatically following a track of magnets permanently inserted into the floor, therefore completely safe both for wheels vehicles and for the operators.
AG&P is working to provide city gas connection to 12.5 Million household customers in India (Post COVID-19), hence digitalization is on top priority from the customer point of view starting from registration, gas connection, metering, billing & payment.
Unique marketplace with B2B2C2C solutions. During Pandemic, it created a significant value in business i.e. In just 06 Months, revenue is 100 M PKR form B2C and 1.4 B from B2B segment. Almost 15 K B2C , 55 K B2B customers on boarded.
SEHA’s COVID19 Project provided necessary coverage for the entire UAE population through its 31 screening centers, field hospitals, acute hospitals, AHS clinics etc. He was directly involved in each and every single initiative for COVID19 action plan.
In the time of corona, it has become imperative for organisation to create alternate channel which provides same experience to customers while they use to interact physically. Considering this we opted to create a digital contactless customer experience.
It change the business model for controlling the asset of the land and building for government and like it with big data and GIS system for controlling the location and space.
Robotic Process Automation.
Reduces GE’s liability risk.
Launched the Virtual bank over SaaS Opex model, over mobile first approach, Multi-Cloud, Microservices based digital engagement layer, Open API, DevSecOps implementation.
Bring innovative approaches to Customer Experience through CDP; increase efficiency for the Operation and have Best in place for Data Analytics (Data is Oil).
We are launching a first shariah compliant digital neo bank in the region.
Using LTE in policing.

About The CIO 200 Summit

Established in 2017, The CIO 200 Summit is a multi-country CIO felicitation ceremony that recognises achievements of digital leaders. The CIO 200 Awards are not a competition but a celebration of the amazing lives of CIOs and their game-changing careers.

The 2019 edition of the event toured 15 countries and gathered over 3000+ delegates over a span of three months. Key stakeholders tabled roadmaps for strategic decision making and identified yardsticks that are the key drivers of growth in the digital world. The World CIO 200 Summit 2019 concluded over December 09-10 with a gala event at the Double Tree Hilton in Ras Al Khaimah.

The workings of The World CIO 200 Summit 2019 was advised by the INSPIRE committee including Dr Esam Al Falasi MOE UAE, Venkatesh Mahadevan Dubai Investment, Ajay Rathi DHA UAE, Yahya Al Mawali, Dr Jassim Haji AI Society Bahrain, Mohammed Mahnashi MOF Saudi Arabia, and Ashith P from Almasa Capital.

Sponsors of The World CIO 200 Summit 2019 event included Dell Technologies, Intel, Guardian One Technologies, Mindware, StorIT, Spectrum Networks, Netapp, Purestorage, Tahaluf Al Emarat, Nutanix, Rittal Middle East, Sai Global, Spire Solutions, BITS, Veritas, Rubrik, EMT Technologies, Techneplus, Datacare, Exclusive Network, Cloudhost, Finesse, Logicom, Zebra.

Supporting partners of The World CIO 200 Summit 2019 event included MCIT Saudi Arabia, Shura Council Bahrain, CIO Klub India, Ghana Chamber of Technology, Tech Pakistan, NIC, AI Society Bahrain, LOCO Service Pakistan, Awwal.

The highlights from the 2019 edition can be seen here.

About Global CIO Forum

The role of a CIO is one of the most critical one in today’s business and industry. Today, CIOs hold the future of innovation, productivity and competitiveness in their hands. At the Global CIO Forum, we not only provide our members with an exchange forum for best IT leadership strategies and practices to enhance business results, but we are also developing a strong voice to ensure that CIOs are represented at key industry and government decision tables. In other words: Integrate. Influence. Impact.

The Global CIO Forum’s mission is to represents IT Executives and CIOs globally. Currently working in META region and with expansion plans globally, the Global CIO Forum is a non-profit community of CIOs and IT leaders whose mission is to facilitate networking, sharing of best practices and executive development, and to collaborate on issues faced by the CIOs and IT executives.

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