Elisabetta Franchi launches funding for Italian hospitals battling COVID-19

Elisabetta Franchi is organising a campaign to support hospitals that are facing, or will be facing, difficulties dealing with the COVID-19 emergency. Through the activation of fundraising, Elisabetta Franchi Foundation Onlus will take action transparently and promptly in support of facilities and intensive therapies at Italian hospitals in a state of emergency.

You could use your credit card or debit card on this page on the platform Gofundme.

For donations exceeding the maximum allowed by the platform, it is possible to make a direct bank transfer to the Elisabetta Franchi Foundation Onlus, IBAN: IT30T0323901600100000180348 stating as purpose of transfer as: “Se vuoi puoi, contro il coronavirus”.

These donations will be added to the Gofundme campaign as offline donations, so that they can be included as part of the achievement.

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