ADNOC’s Panorama helps to cope with Covid-19 through scenario planning

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, ADNOC, has announced its Panorama Digital Command Centre, Panorama, has generated over $1 billion in business value since its inception three years ago. Panorama is a key part of ADNOC’s ongoing strategic investments in digitisation and artificial intelligence to enable the company to drive greater efficiencies, optimise performance, and respond to complex market dynamics with agility and speed, as it continues to deliver on its 2030 smart growth strategy.

Panorama aggregates real-time information across ADNOC’s 14 specialist subsidiary and joint venture companies and uses smart analytical models, AI, and big data to generate operational insights and recommendations.

In addition to the business value Panorama has enabled, it has also proven to be a valuable asset in navigating the current Covid-19 situation. The access to real-time data and analysis provided by Panorama enables simulations and scenario planning, and plays an important role in ADNOC’s business continuity. Managed by the ADNOC Group Digital team, Panorama is currently being accessed through secure remote work settings.

In addition to its digital transformation journey, ADNOC is also leveraging technology to strengthen its health, safety, and environmental performance. An HSE information system is currently being built into Panorama, enabling real-time readings across multiple environmental key performance indicators.

Panorama is just one of many digital transformation initiatives by ADNOC. Other digital initiatives include its smart data analytics Thamama Subsurface Collaboration Centre; its use of AI-assisted value chain modelling, rock image pattern recognition, and predictive maintenance technologies; and blockchain-based hydrocarbon accounting, to name a few.

Abdul Nasser Al Mughairbi, Senior Vice President, Digital at ADNOC, said: “The importance of embedding digital technology in businesses has never been greater and ADNOC’s continuous investment in digital transformation over the last three years allows us to be more resilient, agile and responsive in navigating today’s market landscape. Our Panorama Digital Command Centre acts as our eyes on the ground and enables speed, accessibility, and integration across our operations, key attributes that are required to make smart business decisions.”

“We believe in being forward-thinking in our digital investments at ADNOC, and are committed to leading the way with our digital transformation efforts to drive further value. We continue to responsibly advance projects for the next phase of our digital journey, including expanding our AI solutions, rolling out new blockchain applications, and enhancing our digital modelling capabilities.”

Key takeaways

  • Panorama is helping to ensure business continuity by enabling real-time decision-making through secure remote access to data and analysis.
  • Panorama has also proven to be a valuable asset in the current Covid-19 situation. Real-time data and analysis provided by Panorama enables simulations and scenario planning.
  • ADNOC’s investments in digitisation and artificial intelligence allows the company to drive greater efficiencies, optimise performance and be responsive to market dynamics.


Source : https://www.biznesstransform.com/adnocs-panorama-helps-to-cope-with-covid-19-through-scenario-planning/

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