Yan Chow


Dr. Yan Chow is Global Industry Leader for Health Careat Automation Anywhere, which isan industry leader in intelligent automation software. Intelligent automationrelieves humans of manual, repetitivetasks better done by computers,and leverages next-generation capabilities like natural language processing and machine learning.

Formerly, Dr. Chow was Medical Director for Digital Medicine at Amgen, where he led strategy and implementation of digital initiativesin clinical trials.

Dr. Chow was alsonational Director oftheInnovation & Advanced Technology Group (IAT) at Kaiser Permanente.IAT assessedover 2,000startups, ran a successful innovation grant program, and worked with KP’s award-winning Garfield Innovation Center.

Dr. Chowco-founded a venture-funded NLP analytics startup, has 3 U.S. patents, and has been an invited speaker at industry conferences.In 2014 he was recognized by Healthcare IT News as one of the top healthcare innovation leaders in thenation.

Dr. Chow earned his A.B. from Harvard, M.D. from UC San Diego, and MBAfrom UC Berkeley.