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When even Hunters are being Hunted

Predictive Cyber Defense Against the Inevitable

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When even Hunters are being Hunted

Predictive Cyber Defense Against the Inevitable


Year 2020 brought a lot of unpleasant surprises. It changed the way the whole world operated, and it also changed the Cyber Threat landscape of all organizations. Opportunistic threat actors used this chaos as a ladder and targeted organizations worldwide and the sophistication level has reached a point where even giants of cybersecurity industry are getting breached. Security researchers predict that this trend will continue in 2021 and beyond, leading to an inevitable cyber apocalypse.

In this era where even “Hunters are being Hunted”, legacy Prevention and Detection-based cybersecurity approach is not enough. We need to be 10 steps ahead of threat actors and this event will delve into the key factors that can make it possible.

Join us for an interesting VirtualSummit to get deeper insights into critical topics like :

  • Predictive Threat Intelligence
  • Zero Trust Web and Email Security
  • Next Generation Security Analytics
  • Unprecedented protection against Gen V mega-cyberattacks 



Anand Choudha

CEO, Spectrami

Sarfaraz Kazi

CTO, Spectrami

Mohammed Almeshekah

Founder & Managing Partner of Outliers Venture Capital

Kowsik Guruswamy

Chief Technology Officer, Menlo Security

Augusto Barros

VP of Solutions, Securonix

Saeed Abu-Nimeh

Founder and CEO, Seclytics

Neatsun Ziv

VP, Threat Prevention, Check Point



Hardeep Singh

Business Unit Lead, Spectrami

Saghir Ahmed Khan

Leader, Security Operations Center, SABIC, KSA

Ahmed Hasan Al Lawati

Section Head, Information Security, Ooredoo Oman

Sameer Sheikh

Managing Director – Middle East and Africa, Galaxkey



11:00 AM (UAE)


by Anand Choudha, CEO, Spectrami | Hardeep Singh, Business Unit Lead, Spectrami

11:10 AM (UAE)

Future of Cybersecurity when even the Cybersecurity-Giants are getting Breached.

by Mohammed Almeshekah, Founder & Managing Partner of Outliers Venture Capital & Sarfaraz Kazi, CTO Spectrami

In the unpredictable era where even the Cybersecurity giants are being hunted, many organizations are falling for “snake oil” promises given by security vendors. In this session Dr. Mohammed Al Meshekah will discuss that how organizations should make informed decision to deal with this Cyber Pandemic and how not to fall prey to false promises of so called “Unbreakable” Solutions/Technologies.

11:25 AM (UAE)

Zero Trust Internet - Moving Beyond “Almost Safe”

by Kowsik Guruswamy, Chief Technology Officer, Menlo Security

Although enterprise spending on cybersecurity continues to increase, enterprises find themselves getting infected again and again and again. In this session, we will consider how digital transformation is accelerating the adoption of cloud based apps and services, rendering legacy security architectures obsolete. Menlo’s keynote speaker, Kowsik Guruswamy, will discuss how we need to evolve our thinking from being app/data centric to a cloud-based, user centric approach. Ultimately, this session will question how we can move beyond good vs. bad and ‘almost safe’ to Zero Trust?

11:45 AM (UAE)

Improving SOC Effectiveness Using Behavior Analytics and Machine Learning Technology

by Augusto Barros, VP, Solutions Securonix

The increasing level of threat activity and growth in the adoption of cloud services have caused an exponential rise in the amount of data to be analyzed by the security solutions used by SOCs. To make things worse, more data and more threats have also increased the alert overload on security analysts. This session shows how modern technologies such as behavior analytics and machine learning have been used as a force multiplier and have improved the ability of SOCs to handle these new challenges.

12:05 PM (UAE)

You Are Doing Predictive Threat Intelligence Wrong

by Saeed Abu-Nimeh, Founder and CEO, Seclytics

Most of cyber security solutions detect known cyber threats. There are lots of solutions that promise proactive security, however they have not been up to par. In this presentation, we will discuss how to build a real predictive cyber threat intelligence practice that will enable your security team be proactive and less fatigued.

12:25 PM (UAE)

Strategic Insights from Past Generations of Threats – Protect against Gen V attacks

by Neatsun Ziv, VP, Threat Prevention Check Point

Presentation Synopsys: 2020 was a global wake-up call to get serious about addressing the cyber threat landscape. Unprecedented levels of cyber-attacks played out as large-scale, multi-vector mega attacks that inflicted major damage on business and reputation. As a result, we find ourselves in the midst of the fifth generation of cyber-attacks. To remain operationally secure now, businesses require a new generation of cyber security – Gen V. Step Up to Gen V Cyber Security – Security That Prevents Fifth-Generation Cyber Attacks.

12:45 PM (UAE)

Panel Discussion - How are CISOs preparing the board for post SolarWinds breach

by Saghir Ahmed Khan, Leader, Security Operations Center, SABIC, KSA | Ahmed Hasan Al Lawati, Section Head, Information Security, Ooredoo Oman | Sameer Shaikh, Managing Director – Middle East and Africa, Galaxkey

As with other roles in technology, 2020 was a very challenging year for CISOs to effectively defend their organizations as adversaries ramped up attacks. This was at the time when cybersecurity resources and budgets became more constrained (largely due to the global COVID-19 pandemic). Gartner is forecasting decreased security spend for 2021 and 50 percent of CISOs are embarking on a vendor consolidation strategy in the next 18 months. This session will have a detailed discussion with CISOs from different verticals to understand how they are planning to overcome these budget constraints and other roadblocks in coming year.

01:00 PM (UAE)

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