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How technology has impacted the business of education

Dr Vikas Nand Kumar Batheja at Capital College explores how present and future technology will shape the business front of the education industry. In recent years, technology has evolved to be an integral part ...

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The rise of neobanks

Dr Jassim Haji, President, Artificial Intelligence Society Bahrain talks about how Artificial Intelligence and neobanks are creating a new banking model. Gartner estimates say 80% of traditional banks as we kno...

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How to forge resilient supply chains

Flexibility is in, dependence on one region or country is out, say Karim Shariff, Partner at Bain & Company Middle East, Sri Rajan, Partner at Bain & Company San Francisco, Joshua Hinkel and Partner at ...

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Will the power of the cloud supersede that of the nation?

Due to increasing power of hyper scalars, states within big countries could have their own regulations, and hence businesses should be aware of this. With the accelerated cloud adoption, it is inevitable that g...

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Click farms, 5G architecture, open banking are key trends

Attackers embracing click farms, deploying a horizontal 5G architecture with layers, and open banking to share customer data, are kye trends ahead. How do you make sense of 2020? Suffice to say, it has been an ...

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Barracuda research reveals evolving tactics attackers use to trick victims

Barracuda has released a new report with key findings about the ways cybercriminals are adapting quickly to current events and new tactics. The latest report, titled Spear Phishing: Top Threats and Trends Vol. ...

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Kaspersky finds timely software updates can cut data breach costs in half

According to a recent Kaspersky report, How businesses can minimise the cost of a data breach, enterprises with outdated technology can lose 16% more money in the META region when they suffer a data breach comp...

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MarketsandMarkets forecasts ME cybersecurity market to be worth $29.9B by 2025

According to the new market research report Middle East Cybersecurity Market published by MarketsandMarkets, the Middle East cybersecurity pre-Covid-19 market size is projected to grow from $16.1 billion in 202...

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Pandemic has triggered review of global cybersecurity laws

Certifications under consideration in 2021 include EU Common Criteria for critical infrastructure, cloud services, artificial intelligence, and 5G. The expanded threat landscape of cloud-based assets along with...

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Recurring IT purchases including hardware to be a priority

Hardware should be refreshed every three years, and if the pandemic halted attention to hardware, it is fair to say that will make its way to the top. Despite the economic turbulence brought on by the pandemic ...