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Global CIO Forum, a global community of world-class leaders, it is our utmost obligation to the world we live in and the community that has nurtured us, to give back what it deserves. Our community members who hail from leading organizations across the World will be joining hands to make the world a slightly better place to live in.

Based on our firm belief in enabling the participation of our wonderful community (individuals and corporates) in The 100 Million Meals initiative, we are launching this community fundraiser that aims to raise at least AED one million to support the main initiative.

Through your participation in this campaign, you will be part of the overall impact that the 100 Million Meals initiative aims to reach and touch the hearts of millions of needy people in more than 20 countries.



Year (2021) April


Global CIO ForumHeld under the umbrella of The Global CIO Forum, The CIO 200 is a multi-country CIO felicitation ceremony that recognizes the achievements of the ‘Digital leaders’ of today. The CIO 200 Awards is not a competition but a celebration, that celebrates the amazing lives of the CIOs and their career span. After touring ten countries in 2018, the awards in 2019 would be going to 13 countries that include – UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, India, Atlanta, Canada and South Africa.info@globalcioforum.com 31 Foxtail Lan, Monmouth Junction NJ 08852