About us

It’s BOTS time! BOTS is a global social network for all leading CIOs, IT Directors & technology leaders from all over the world, which works a lot like Linkiden. It’s our place to connect, collaborate and celebrate successes with each other across the business.  


What can I do on BOTS? 


  • Communicate: Share updates, announcements and information with your teams and colleagues. 
  • Collaborate: Bring groups together to work on projects, have conversations and facilitate teamwork. With file-sharing and co-authoring, teams can discuss and review files and notes all within their BOTS Group. 
  • Crowdsource: Ask your colleagues questions, and share feedback and ideas. 


Who is on BOTS?


Most Global CIO Forum members are already on BOTS. For those new to BOTS, you can explore existing groups by region, function, Industry, technology, or special interest … or you can start your own!


What should I post?


You can post anything that is relevant to the groups you belong to. This includes, but is not limited to, updates on projects, team or individual accomplishments and recognition, notifications, job announcements, and calls for action or requests for collaboration. You will find our legacy GCF’s colleagues as part of certain groups already, and many interesting conversations related to the market environment, latest technology, business initiatives, and more. Take some time to explore and share your first impressions with colleagues. 


How do I get started?


Go to www.globalcioforum.com/bots . If you’re new to BOTS, you’ll be prompted to set up your profile when you visit the group for the first time. Be sure to add a profile photo to help your colleagues around the world get to know you! Then, you can start building your BOTS network by following others, joining groups, or commenting on posts.   

Log in to BOT and start exploring. Check out the BOTS User Guide for helpful tips and tricks, or get started with The Basics


Let the sharing begin!