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Ariel NANO and sustainability in UAE

Almost 50% women living in UAE plan to take on more sustainable initiatives, according to a study that canvassed how environmentally conscious UAE residents are. The survey was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Ariel Middle East. The survey which canvassed 1,004 people revealed that 83% are aware of the impact purchasing choices have on the planet. The age group 35–44-years in UAE, aspire to be more sustainable.

The survey coincided with launch of Ariel NANO Pods. These contribute to reduction of water and electricity wastage as it removes stains without residues eliminating the need to rewash clothes. Studies proved that most underdose by 40% versus the recommended dosage per load. Upon dissolving in water, the sachet releases fine, concentrated detergent particles that penetrate deep into fabrics to give stain removal without powder residues.